Pastoral Care

New Plymouth Girls’ High School is committed to ensuring that every girl feels that she is a valued member of the school community.

Young people need guidance and assistance as they progress through school and are involved in making decisions which influence their future At the same time events in their lives can affect their ability to progress in their studies if they are not counselled appropriately. All staff are involved in pastoral care, but some have very specific roles.

Waiora Wellness Centre

Services available at the Waiora Wellness Centre include counselling, general health concerns, health education and promotion and referral to other services. The Guidance Counsellors, Nurse, Public Health Nurse and Adolescent Health Clinic are situated within the Waiora Wellness Centre.

The Pastoral Network

The Pastoral Network includes the Principal, Deputy Principals, Deans, Tutor Teachers, Guidance Counsellors, Nurse, Careers Counsellor, Learning Support Co-ordinator and Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour. As a team, their role is to support and assist students through any personal, vocational or educational difficulties . Our prime concern is caring for the needs of individual students and supporting their learning.